Jokes Are Not Hate #002

Apparently using wordplay and superimposing a famous person's head onto a furry coat is considered bullying and harassment in Facebook's eyes... We're now on a 7 day ban for this so if you don't see any posts on our Facebook page you'll know why. We'll be back again on the 24th February at about 3:30pm

Again, Facebook Community 'Double' Standards presume us guilty before proven innocent and we are now waiting on a review... But we all know the conclusion on that one. One question though, where is the bullying or 'harassment' in this picture? Why not ban us for all the other Photo Vandal picture edits we've posted on our page's timeline?

Does this mean that if you happen to be disabled, your name can't be punned? Stephen Hawking was known for his sense of humour, being featured in The Simpsons and Futurama, and also talking about the need for a sense of humour in everyday life. He might have even laughed at this himself, the idea of him being a pimp. Well, anyway, see you next week.

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Terry Silver

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